Ashfaq Ahmed – His Grandfather

I told my grandfather very proudly that I have two cars and a very good bank balance, his children are studying in a good English school, honor is everything, every luxury in the world is available to us.  At the same time, there is peace of mind. I had to listen to him and he told me in reply that this grace was due to the fact that you stopped beating the servants of Allah. When I asked for an explanation, Baba said, “Ashfaq Ahmed, my mother kept a genuine cucumber.”  Aman had a special love for this rooster. She used to place her fist (fist) just below the beak of the rooster and the beak would bend down and in two minutes the stomach would get full of fun.  I used to watch this episode every day and think how lucky this cucumber is. No matter how hard you work, mothers give you grains.  One day I was sitting in the yard reading. As usual, my mother came and filled her stomach with grains so that she could feed the rooster.  So the grain was scattered all over the courtyard.  Aman’s hand easily went inside and the crab (rooster) which used to stand in one place and fill its stomach comfortably was now running around the whole yard. Sometimes to the right, sometimes to the left, sometimes to the north, sometimes to the south.  All day long the rooster has been biting the grain.  He was tired and his stomach was not full.  After a pause, Baba Din Muhammad asked, “Tell me, why did this happen to the rooster?”  I replied with a sigh that the rooster would not have slapped the mother’s hand nor would it have been humiliated. Baba said, “Absolutely.  It will make it difficult and you will walk around like this real crab.  Thou hast not slain the servants of Allah, but the Lord hath made thy provision easy.  Baba spoke in a strange wave,  Find an easy way to get money, honor, fame, comfort and escape from misery.  The one who loves God’s servants, praises them, smiles at them and forgives others is never poor.  Give it a try, now add tears of gratitude to your destination along with the love of the servants, then you will die.  Saying this, Baba Din Muhammad hurried out of the main gate and I was weeping with my head bowed and thanking God in my heart that Baba Din Muhammad had told me the secret of success.  May Allah grant us ease and give us the privilege of sharing ease.  Amen.

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