Hazrat Ali – Ali’s (R.A) Fast

Everyone fasted in the house of Hazrat Ali. Hazrat Fatima’s (R.A) two young children also fasted. The time of Maghrib is about to come.  Go and make four loaves, there is no more grain in the house.  She placed the first loaf in front of her husband Ali.  The second loaf in front of his eldest son Hassan.  The third loaf in front of his youngest son Hussain.  And he put the fourth loaf in front of him.  The call to prayer started in Masjid-e-Nabawi. Everyone started fasting with bread. But friends, it was Fatima who ate half of the bread and started tying half of the bread with a dupatta.  Hazrat Ali saw this and said, “O Fatima, you are not hungry. There is only one loaf of bread. You are tying half of it in a dupatta.” Fatima said !!  O Ali, it may be that my dear father (Muhammad) did not get anything in Iftar, how can a daughter whose father has not eaten anything may eat ?? Fatima tied bread in her dupatta and walked away  On the other hand, our Prophet (peace and blessings of Allaah be upon him) used to offer Maghrib prayers Seeing Hazrat Fatima standing at the door, he calls her Hazrat.  O Fatima, how are you at the door? Fatima said: O Messenger of Allah, take me inside. There were tears in the eyes of Hazrat Fatima.  He said that when he ate Iftar bread, he remembered that he may not have eaten it.  Therefore, you have brought half a loaf of bread tied with a dupatta. Seeing the bread, tears came to the eyes of our Prophet and he said: O Fatima, what good is it to bring bread, otherwise the fourth night would have gone out in the same condition of your father!  The two look at each other and start crying.  Allah’s Apostle asked for bread, Fatima said Baba Jan will feed the bread with her own hands today then she started feeding with her own hands!  The bread ran out and Hazrat Fatima started crying.  The Holy Prophet saw and said, “Why is Fatima crying now?”  He said, “Father, what will happen tomorrow?”  Who will come to feed tomorrow ?? Will the stove burn in my house tomorrow ?? Will the stove burn in your house tomorrow ?? The Prophet (peace and blessings of Allaah be upon him) placed his beloved hand on Fatima’s head and said, ‘O Fatima, be patient and I am also patient.  With our patience, Allah will forgive the sin of the sinners of the Ummah !!  Allah is the Greatest. This is the love that the Prophet had for us, for the Ummah.  We are this sinful nation.  For whom the Prophet was hungry, the Prophet’s daughter was hungry !! And what are we doing for them on the Day of Resurrection?  What will you all answer!  !

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